Zinc, Walnut, and Maple dining set

10 foot long zinc top conference table

Table Bottom showing fit before zinc application

Zinc table finished top and bottom

Highest quality all wood torsion box construction

Zinc table corners are rounded and sensual

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Custom Made Dining or Conference Table in Zinc or Copper

This custom modern zinc table is suitable for hard wear as a conference or dining table that seats 8 to 12 people. The construction is almost seamless, smooth and sensual, made with hand shaped heavy gauge zinc sheets. The base is solid, 2" or 3" thick black walnut and connects to the top with four massive tenons. The underside of the table is finished walnut. The zinc top is food safe and will develop a hard pewter-like patina when cleaned with a damp cloth. An automotive clear coat is available if maintaining a bright finish is desired. Built to last for generations.