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"Form and Function Should Be One, Joined in a Spiritual Union"
- Frank Lloyd Wright

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Custom Artisan Craft Furniture

Building a custom furniture business in todays world is a daunting task. Tougher yet is trying to introduce new ideas into the mix. Historically, American furniture makers have used their nearby forests to create original furniture with a local flair. They were experienced craftsmen with a knack for paring down old traditional styles into clean efficient classics. Some of their efforts have become iconic styles. Centuries later, these pieces stand proud, having gained in value after generations of use.

Antiques for the 23rd Century and Beyond

Those days seem long gone. New furniture is imported and cheap and comes in a cardboard box. Respectfully, some of these designs are cool and clever. They provide a lot of bang for the buck...temporarily. Even high-end stores are filled with particle board, plastic, hot-glue, and staples. I couldn't possibly compete. So, back to the basics, I say. My shop is surrounded by a plethora of old growth forests in Portland, Oregon. Most are protected, but more than enough grow in backyards near downtown. Some trees fall in storms and some are just old. Many end up as landfill, chipboard, or firewood. My little business intends to turn some of this bounty into fine modern furniture, and possibly, 23rd century antiques.

Original Custom Furniture Designs

As a contemporary American furniture maker, my goal is to develop a unique style that is functional as well as beautiful. My respect for fine craft, natural materials, and furniture making tradition guides my designs. An artistic desire to create something new is the other ingredient that drives me. I don't attempt to re-invent the wheel, but at the same time my designs are original in some substantial ways.

Buying and Collecting Artisan Furniture

It is my hope and pleasure to create special furniture for people who appreciate having quality and beauty in their everyday lives. Custom commissions are a specialty and often help to expand my personal style in new directions. Browse the galleries for home and office furniture, church furniture, and specialty items like podiums, lecterns, music stands, and more. Please contact me with your comments or questions about these modern furniture designs or your own custom project.