Steel Patina Table

Maple Burl Table

Sterling Table

Live Edge Yew Table

Dancers Table

Villagers Table
Flame treated steel table Organic Design Maple and Walnut Table Unique hand carved table Natural yew slab table with organic style whimsical glass top table with dancing theme Organic Yew and Walnut Coffee Table
Floating Top Table

Zinc Top Tables

Calla Lily Table

Michaels Dining Table

Gibraltar Table

Live Edge Yew Table

Oak Zen Table
cherry and ebony credenza or desk Zinc top and walnut base dining table Walnut Calla Lily Leg Table Organic modern dining table Modern Table Design live edge yew table white oak and walnut handmade table

Functional Artistic Creations For the Home

If furniture made up an orchestra, then tables could fill the string section. All are fundamentally related with strong horizontal planes lying at fixed heights. They come in every possible shape, size, texture, color, and tone. They offer a wide range of expression - from rustic to sophisticated, airy to massive, balanced to cantilevered, serious to whimsical, classic to cool, angular to curvaceous, and (add your own here ...). Tables can set the stage, from the subtle background player to the big solo. Ultimately, tables invite us to pause, share, create, enjoy, and celebrate.

Something New Under the Sun?

I don't aspire to re-invent the wheel...or the table. The original basic form continues to be as simple as it is brilliant. My aim is to explore fresh variations on classic forms. My focus tends toward balance, efficiency, sculptural beauty, and elegant clean lines. My canvas is the space between the table top and the floor. I'm especially drawn to curvy, elegant legs and geometric interlocked bases.

Fine Furniture Becomes a Family Heirloom

Fine furniture enhances your everyday experience. Artisan tables often acquire a special meaning for families as they are passed down through generations. Custom woodwork is an investment that can be used and enjoyed today while gaining value over the course of decades. Table designs are adaptable for many uses in the home or office. Most can be topped with wood, glass, metal, or stone in virtually any size. Dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables, zinc tables, small tables, and more. Custom Commissions for One of a Kind pieces are a specialty.